Otatakan and Pilot East Lithium Properties Ear Falls, Ontario

Otatakan and Pilot East Lithium Properties Ear Falls, Ontario

Property Summaries

  • The Otatakan Lithium Property consists of 7 claims comprising 2,222 hectares. The Pilot East Lithium Property consists of 9 claims comprising 2,780 hectares.
  • The Properties are located 90 km northeast of Ear Falls, Ontario with good highway and logging road access.
  • A muscovite bearing granite is host to both Properties, an S-type peraluminous fertile parental granite according to Breaks et al., 2003 and in contact with exo contact metasediments, a good host for fractionating fertile pegmatites.
  • The Properties occur within 17 km of a subprovince terrane boundary, an integral relationship between lithium deposits and structure (Breaks et al., 2003).
  • The Properties are located between 21 and 32 km southwest of Green Technology Metals (ASX:GT1) Root Lithium Project. GT1 is currently undertaking a 24,000 m drill program on their 2Mt lithium deposit (1.3% Li 2 O).
  • Lithium Americas (NYSE:LAC) announced (Sept 20 22) a strategic alliance with GT1 to strengthen their role in developing a North American lithium supply chain utilizing GT1’s northwestern Ontario lithium assets.
  • Lake sediment samples suggest increasing anomalous Li and Cs towards the Properties indicative of fertile granite fractionation.
  • The Properties have good outcrop exposure according to Google Earth.

Regional Location

Regional Location and Access

  • Excellent all-weather road and logging road access

Northwestern Ontario Regional Geology

  • The Otatakan and Pilot East Lithium properties are located in northwestern Ontario where numerous lithium deposits have been delineated to host significant reserves of Li2O.
  • Of significance is that the Li-deposits/projects of northwestern Ontario are located within 20km of a terrane boundary. These terrane boundaries are deep seated sutures that divide accreted Archean terranes and act as conduits for fertile peraluminous granites. Both Properties are <20 km south of the English River-Uchi Terrane boundary.
  • Significant lithium deposits include:
    • The Seymour Lake Lithium Project owned by Green Technology Metals (ASX:GT1) hosts 4.8Mt grading 1.24% Li2O and 186ppm Ta2O5.
    • The Georgia Lake pegmatite field with resources of 16+Mt grading 1.15% Li2O owned by Rock Tech Lithium and Infinite Ore.
    • Separation Rapids Lithium deposit owned by Avalon Advanced Materials with resources of 9.4Mt grading 1.35% Li2O.

Properties Regional Geology

Properties Regional Geology

English River Province Claim Fabric

English River Province Claim Fabric

Lake Sediment Samples, OGS

There is overwhelming evidence that the English River Subprovince is host to lithium, based on lake sediment sampling by the OGS, yet it is vastly unexplored for LCTpegmatites.

1959 OGS shoreline mapping of eastern English Subprovince.

Lithium Lake Sediment Samples

  • Lake sediment lithium sample results suggests the muscovite-bearing granite is fractionating towards the Properties.

Cesium Lake Sediment Samples

  • Lake sediment cesium sample results also suggests the muscovite bearing granite is fractionating towards the Properties.

Granitic Intrusive Fractionation

  • Rare earth element mineralization zonation occurs within pegmatitic bodies within the parental granite (red) or as pegmatite dykes within adjacent host rocks as the parental fertile granite fractionates.
  • Rare earth element zoning has been documented by Breaks et al. 2003 along peraluminous granites. Those containing muscovite, tourmaline and/or garnet.
  • Fractionation and crystallization of rare elements such as Li, Cs, etc … occurs mainly in the edges of the parental granite or those rocks in contact.

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